Buy Pruners & Shears at Mitre10. We usually find the battery lasts around 20 minutes. Reviews Pruning your hedges into shape is a breeze thanks to Hoselink’s super sharp 2-in-1 Hedge Shears. ZEM Pruning Shears is more compact in design than the tools as mentioned earlier. JEOutdoors offers a lifetime warranty and replaceable spring for the longer user. Great after sales service. General disclaimer: All third party trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are used for the purpose of comparative advertising, criticism or review. Electric and cordless hedge trimmers range from around $59 to $299; petrol models can also be found in this price range, but for a heavy-duty petrol model you should expect to pay a fair bit more. This tool does that job perfectly. Nice machine and happy with it 8 Best Stump Killers in 2020. Great after sales service. All hedges need to be trimmed – and the most obvious reason for this is to prevent overgrowth. With a hardened SK5 carbon steel wave blade, you shouldn’t have any problems getting through bushes, hedges, plants, and shrubs. Electric hedge trimmers tend to be the cheapest models, so expect to pay more if you choose a cordless or petrol-powered model. Are they up high, where you’ll need a light weight model that’s easier to move around? Chinese-made, distributed in Australia by Positec. Works perfect if you know how to work it There’s a wide choice of models available in Australia, from electric to petrol to cordless, and from a variety of world-renowned brands. With a 12 position pivoting head, the user has versatility and maneuverability for whatever the hedge trimmer may be required for. Hedge trimmers aren’t chainsaws, so they won’t cut thick branches - they’re designed to cut through material 25mm or less & are ideal for pruning and shaping. Keeping hedges more compact increases the privacy of your space, as the plant will fill in trimmed areas. The Stihl is the only, My neighbor lent me the older version the OPP1820 to trim some tree branches I thought I'll get my own as I was impressed by the concept of this saw, I went to Bunnings Nerang and purchased (1st MAY), Rockwell RG8004 Line Trimmer Whipper Snipper 550 watts Being lithium battery, I have gone through several electric hedge trimmers, corded and cordless, over the years, but finally I spent a bit more money and acquired one from a reputable brand. Two things made me finally take the plunge - Cutting for long periods overhead was very hard on my arms, This hedge trimmer has got to be one of the lightest you can buy so you can move it effortlessly focusing on the shape you want instead of struggling with a heavier machine. It has a 20V lithium-ion battery which means you can use it without worrying that the battery might run out. Lightweight, but plenty of power. Couldn't work out why. © 2020 Pty. DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY ONE. It can be frustrating trying to constantly keep up with trimming the bushes and hedges in your lawn since they tend to grow pretty fast. When it comes to cutting hedges, or grass, then the weight of the toll becomes important. This petrol hedge trimmer has a lightweight design with a 180° 5 position rear rotating handle to capture all of those hard to reach places, and user comfort is ensured through a zip start spring assisted pull start and vibration reduction. I bought this recently due to my unhappiness with the results and quality of 2 previous hedge cutters, Husqvarna and Echo. Features to look for in a hedge trimmer Weight. So, whether you're keen on topiary, want to keep annual growth under control or simply appreciate a nice straight line, a good pair of shears is a must. There is a magnesium hard wearing gearbox for durability and a 2 year replacement warranty. While it is a bit more pricy, the Ryobi 450W Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer offers much more industrial action for tougher hedges with harder to reach places to cut. Glids through hedge with ease, It really makes my garden jobs easy and quick to do! STIHL Battery Hedge Trimmers. Founded almost 100 years, German brand Stihl is a mainstay with the yard work market, offering a range of products to help with jobs around the house, including chainsaws, pressure cleaners, hand tools, as well as gardening equipment such as hedge trimmers and line trimmers. You can purchase the Bosch 10.8V Li-Ion Cordless Shrub Shear here. A 2.3 metre long reach means higher areas of hedge can be easily reached, and dual action laser cut blades of 410 mm and 1000 cut strokes per minute means efficient cutting in less time. We usually find the battery lasts around 20 minutes. A commercial grade 2 stroke engine provides good power throughout use, and generous 600mm dual action blades ensure fast clean cuts and good coverage with a wide 28mm cutting capacity. The Bosch 10.8V Li-Ion Cordless Shrub Shear is a great value model offering reliable and powerful hedge maintenance. With such a range of prices, power types, and blade lengths on offer, we aim to help you choose the perfect model for your needs. There is a number of models out there with various cutters, hand guards, and position heads. 10 Best Crabgrass Preventers in 2020. Goes well with other products from your he range we have, Latest review: Starts well, however that’s the only positive - this may be the cheapest/poorly built piece of machinery I’ve come across. RYOBI is one of the top brands in the electric power tool market, and the 7.5-pound RYOBI 22-Inch 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer features 22-inch dual-action blades, and it comes with an 18-volt lithium+ battery and charger. The various features it offers are easy to attach and remove. There are a few key questions to bear in mind when browsing hedge trimmers and the purpose for your model of choice. Made from aluminum, the model is relatively lightweight at 6kg, although it is corded. The 510mm dual action cutting blades allow for an efficient, clean cut with 15mm cutting capacity, and the dual handed safety switch stops accidental starting for more cautious usage. Check Today's Price. This is so much better than, When your hedge grows too thick for my 12 year old Ryobi 240V EHT750 I did a search for something more capable of cutting 20cm thick branches. This is the most inexpensive hedge shears on the list you could look for. Trims so easily our ten year old daughter has been able to use it. You’re guaranteed a perfect finish thanks to the 26” double sheer action steel blades with generous 25mm cutting, a high end 26” bar with a double sheer and 180° five-position multi-positional rotatable rear handle for getting a great finish even on the most tough to reach places. 5 stars from, Latest review: This little beauty gets our yard looking neat in no time and it is so light and easy to use. ALDI you need to be able to be contacted by phone. The Best Hedge Trimmer In Australia: Stihl, Bosch We use affiliate links and may receive a commission on purchases. Whilst there’s a more limited selection of petrol hedge trimmers available in Australia, the Ryobi 26cc 600mm Petrol Blade Hedge Trimmer has got you covered. The blades are made of a high-quality steel and then treated to last for a long time. While replacing those, noticed a slightly wider than should be gap on commutator. Got one hedge trim out of it before the brushes died. Below, their recommendations for the best pruning shears, hedge shears, lopping shears, and garden scissors. Mark is a keen gardener, a DIY addict and a father of two beautiful girls. This tool does that job perfectly. It is also good for the health of hedges, by cutting out dead or diseased parts of the plant as well as reducing any danger of insect issues. It's light, safe, Latest review: The Shindaiwa AH230S has served me so well I am finally getting round to singing it some praise !.The multi tool motor powers the pole pruner as well as pole hedger attachments and over 6-7 years, Latest review: I wanted one of these for years already having most other Makita LXT (18v x 2) garden tools. Additional bonuses include a two year warranty and a one year warranty extension. You can buy this amazing multi tool either direct from matrix tools or from Visit us today for the widest range of Garden Cutting Tools products. It’s great for occasional or light use, such as for simple hedge grooming and trimming back young and small plants. With these kinds of tools, it is easy to make a … Keeping hedges well maintained can keep plants healthier, provide a neat and tidy border for your land, and even add decoration with a little topiary. That's Mighty Helpful, That's Mitre10. Being lithium battery, Latest review: I have gone through several electric hedge trimmers, corded and cordless, over the years, but finally I spent a bit more money and acquired one from a reputable brand. Lightweight, but plenty of power. Latest review: An amazing tool which is easy to use and hold. At just 0.9kg, it’s an extremely lightweight cordless hedge trimmer that makes getting the job done much easier – and features a long run time of 100 minutes thanks to the powerful 10.8V lithium ion battery that ensures performance is on great form. As petrol models are typically more powerful than cordless or electric hedge trimmers, they’re perfect for maintaining larger garden spaces and tougher plants. That is because if you have to use a heavy tool, for … A more expert friend thought it, Latest review: I have a small garden with a short hedge, a couple a bushes and 3 small trees, all of which need the occasional trim, nothing extreme or strenuous. I'd been warned against purchasing Ryobi products and now I, Light weight and really easy to use. The model is also backed by a 5 year warranty for your reassurance. If you have a larger garden then you'll want to buy a cordless version, just make … For the ultimate in power when it comes to cordless hedge trimmers, the Victa 82V 26” Hedge Kit with Battery should be your model of choice. While the large sizes will be able to cut more vegetation in a given period, even their smaller examples perform quite well for their size. I'd been warned against purchasing Ryobi products and now I, Latest review: Light weight and really easy to use. Nice machine and happy with it Has a 24-inch dual-action blade. 36 volt battery interchangeable with other products in their range. 12 Best Portable Power Stations in 2020. Davaon Pro Garden Hedge Shears For us, every good set of shears start with a robust blade and this is present with the Davaon Pro model. As petrol models are typically more powerful than cordless or electric hedge trimmers, they’re perfect for maintaining larger garden spaces and tougher plants.