With the Church facing an international crisis, Pius arrives in John Paul III's chambers dressed in a priest's simple black garb while the sitting Pope sports the more opulent uniform of his office. Paolo Sorrentino’s papal universe routinely subverts expectations. So in the end, the cultists technically get their wish: Not only do they see Pius XIII in Ventotene, but they see him alive. In the end, the two popes weren't as different as they perhaps first appeared. It is a combination that feels simultaneously divine and sacrilegious. Close. You could’ve given me 1,000 guesses to how the show would end, and I’d have never landed on “Vatican Shining Homage.” Such is the power of Paolo Sorrentino to keep us on our toes with an arresting series that combines thought-provoking examinations of faith with low-brow humor and the occasional sexualizing of Jude Law. Forgive me, father, but I botched that prediction. So, it's not surprising that the best episode of The New Pope, the only episode that equalled the greatness of the first season, was Episode 7, a parable-like chamber drama that focussed on Lenny's return and his attempt to cure his doctor's son of a fatal illness. After wrapping up much of the behind-the-scenes drama in the penultimate episode, providing Cardinal Voiello (the great Silvio Orlando) with a chance to take down his many rivals and closing the loop on the (often confusing) financial corruption plotline, Sorrentino shifted his gaze back to Pius and John Paul III. Plus: Obama’s Memoir, ‘The Crown’ Controversy, and Social Media Updates. It took the better part of two shows—and, unfortunately, some terrorist attacks by some of his own fanatics—but Pius XIII finally understands how love should really be received, and delivered. The New Pope. Faisal is released from jail, and reunited with Sister Caterina. Priest Leopold Essence tips off Sofia Dubois to her husband's dark secrets which leads her to a shocking discovery. The New Pope is written by Sorrentino with Umberto Contarello and Stefano Bises and stars Jude Law and John Malkovich. When John—I guess we can go back to calling him John Brannox now?—returns to his family estate, his butler tells him that his parents wanted to see him to welcome him home. Disclosure: HBO is an initial investor in The Ringer, They also talk supersubs, give flowers to Jermain Defoe, and chat about the Barclays WSL, Philadelphia’s problems extend far beyond the quarterback situation, but their second-round rookie flashed enough potential against Green Bay to make this team interesting with him under center, Denmark’s Oscars submission is a tale of stunted growth and ennui, but above all it’s a showcase for one of Hollywood’s most interesting actors. Even without a trio of power players trying to blackmail John Paul III as part of a Vatican money laundering scheme, our guy has had enough time in the Vatican spotlight and wants to retreat back to his family’s manor in England. The nine-episode original series from director Paolo Sorrentino is his second series set in the world of the modern papacy. Those tensions played out in the remixed opening title sequence of the finale, which edited images of Law's Pope Pius XIII strutting his stuff on the beach with John Malkovich's Pope John Paul III moving through the halls of the Vatican as "All Along the Watchtower" blared over the soundtrack. Featured Characters. This is all to say: If you expect fireworks when our two popes finally meet in The New Pope’s series finale, you’ll be disappointed. That’s right: Voiello is finally going to get his wish and become the pope. John Paul III was denied the love of his parents—they blamed him for Adam’s death—and seemed to deny that love for himself in the company of other people. The New Pope remains full of papal doubt, the kind of doubt that makes this show so interesting. And, honestly? All 10 songs featured in The New Pope season 1 episode 8: Episode 8, with scene descriptions. I must repent for a blogging sin: I was wrong about Esther and the other Pius XIII cultists. Posted by 3 years ago. The Serial Excellence of Steve McQueen’s ‘Small Axe’. In the end, Pius XIII’s last act was his humblest, and therefore his greatest. After the mother draws a bath, sitting in the same way as Mary in the Pietà in St. Peter’s Basilica, Pius prays in front of the boy once again. Mostly, it just needed more Lenny. “Shut up and pray, idiot!” Cardinal Voiello snipes back, because he is perfect. Seven episodes into The New Pope's nine-episode season on HBO, Jude Law's Pius XIII has finally awoken from his coma and brought his sexy strutting with him. And in that moment, Pius XIII dies: The crowd carries the pope to the attendant nuns at St. Peter’s Basilica, who place his body in front of La Pieta, positioned like that of Christ: I won’t lie: Every time I rewatch this scene I bawl my eyes out. The New Pope Season 1 Episode 9 brings the limited series to a close with an empowering message of unity and hope and even a new pope.. Call him—I’m sorry—the Mope Pope. But in its followup season, the series also continued to ask thoughtful, profound questions even while sticking its tongue out. I wish our pope-laden journey wasn’t ending here—I could inhale 10 more episodes of Voiello bossing people around and maybe visiting a doctor to have a consultation about his mole. Only one Vatican. Starring Jude Law and John Malkovich, all nine episodes are directed by Academy Award-winning director Paolo Sorrentino. Pogba, Trent Alexander-Arnold on Fans, Flowers for Son, and Why Taking a Knee Is Still Important, Jalen Hurts Can’t Fix the Eagles—but He Can Give Them a Spark, The Poker Player Who Turned a $100 Deposit Into Millions. TV mini-series 'The New Pope' starring Jude Law has prompted an angry reaction from the Catholic Church for its 'sexy' portrayal of nuns. Again, it's an acknowledgement that Lenny does possess a saint-like gift; there's nothing ambiguous about his supernatural abilities. The New Pope (a co-production by Sky Atlantic, HBO and Canal+) picks up where The Young Pope left off, with Pius XIII (Jude Law) in a coma and the Holy See scurrying to come up with a … Is the Double Down canon? For me, it doesn’t really matter if the moment was “real” or not; it’s about what Pius XIII represented to the faithful, and to viewers of the series. This season was all about delayed gratification: Pius spent multiple episodes in a coma, only making the occasional ghost-like intrusion on the action, and, even after he returned, he didn't meet John Paul III until the very last episode. If you had guessed the story of The Young Pope based on its promotional material alone, you’d be forgiven for expecting Pius XIII to be some kind of hip, libidinous pontiff who doesn’t play by the rules and demands, like, Netflix access in the Vatican—instead, he was a radical conservative with a penchant for Cherry Coke Zero, spontaneous temper tantrums, and, occasionally, performing the apparent miracle. Every week, we’ll douse ourselves in holy water, dive into Paolo Sorrentino’s sacrilegious world, and come out with scripture (blogs). tunefind The Young Pope, ending meaning [spoilers] spoiler. It turns out that the group wanted to see Pius XIII’s body as proof that the Vatican was responsible for killing him. But, since they communicated their demands so poorly, Pius XIII, unaware that the group simply wants to see him, remains hidden. 5 5. Instead of a papal face-off between Pius XIII (Jude Law) and John Paul III (John Malkovich), they come together to fight against terrorism. A holy war to come. January 16, 2020 at 12:00 am. James Harden Is Pushing Player Empowerment to Its Limits, The former MVP is very publicly declaring that he wants out of Houston, even though he had a hand in every major decision to make the Rockets what they are today, 43 Pressing Questions About ‘A Recipe for Seduction,’ Lifetime’s KFC Movie. Always game to chew scenery and stare down his fellow actors, Malkovich did his best with a role that required him to keep his distance from certain volatile emotions and play his true intentions close to his vest. Hallelujah, Lenny is risen! They might have different vibes, but these popes can vibe. One, at the end of the first go-round, Pope Lenny collapsed and is now in a coma. And after an unpredictable and mysterious turn of events, the Secretary of State Voiello succeeds in the enterprise of having Sir John Brannox, a moderate English aristocrat, charming and sophisticated, placed on the papal throne adopting the name John Paul III. Sign up here for our weekly Streamail newsletter to get streaming recommendations delivered straight to your inbox. Pius XIII and John Paul III’s fateful meeting doesn’t concern who should lead the Church; instead they discuss what to do about a situation in which terrorists are holding six children and a priest hostage in Ventotene, one of Italy’s Pontine Islands. Still, it must be weird to encounter your predecessor after he miraculously wakes up from a yearlong coma. Starring Jude Law and John Malkovich, all nine episodes are directed by Academy Award-winning director Paolo Sorrentino. The reveal that this was all a result of the Vatican equivalent of Pizzagate is particularly crushing for Pius XIII, since the people responsible for terrorizing Catholics were, essentially, his biggest supporters: From the beginning of The Young Pope, Pius XIII insisted he wanted to create fanatics. Like Pius XIII, who channeled his resentment at being abandoned by his parents into his papacy, John Paul III’s reign was as much about self-exploration as it was about leading the Church. The New Pope is written by Sorrentino with Umberto Contarello and Stefano Bises and stars Jude Law and John Malkovich. 'The New Pope’ creator Paolo Sorrentino confirms HBO drama will be getting a final season: 'It’s a trilogy' Although the director refrained from giving more details regarding the third season, taking into consideration the extravagance he has displayed in his work, we could expect something as intriguing in the third pope, if he chooses to add a new character to HBO's hit series Putting aside the ending, in which Voiello finally does accomplishment his dream and become the real new pope (with a fantastic assist from the ever-creepy Don Cavallo), there’s also Voiello’s return to being classic comic relief. Will Jude Law miraculously return in, if such a thing is even possible, even skimpier beachwear? The stage was set for a knock-down, drag-out fight. “Madness and ecstasy have once again proven to be irresistible temptations, but they always end the way they did on Ventotene: with unjust death.”. Instead of a papal face-off between Pius XIII (Jude Law) and John Paul III (John Malkovich), they come together to fight against terrorism. The New Pope was largely a thesis on the dangers of fanaticism—it’s hard to imagine extremist behavior would’ve ceased when there was an active pope seemingly performing miracles. Maybe after watching their son’s papacy from afar, they’ve come to appreciate what he’s done, and are finally willing to forgive him for his part in Adam’s death. (Congrats to all of us for getting a final sighting of Jude Law in a white Speedo.) The Jalen Hurts Era Begins. And what a way to come back. "We have six children and a priest to save," says Lenny. 1881 Views The New Pope is an HBO series that is the continuation of the previous series The Young Pope that stared Jude Law as the pious that lies in a coma and the Catholic Church is in crisis. The pope, played by Jude Law, goes into a coma that, from a scientific standpoint, is considered irreversible and can only end up in death. It’s also left ambiguous as to whether Pius XIII’s address and crowd-surfing death even happened. Having waited so long, you might expect some real fireworks when the two finally confront one another and vie for power. The nine-episode original series from director Paolo Sorrentino is his second series set in the world of the modern papacy. His self-described mediocrity is also a point unto itself: Voiello could have a successful papacy without inspiring the sort of extreme idolatry that nearly destroyed the Church. It’s been clear from the beginning of The New Pope that these two are infatuated with one another—susceptible to long, adoring glances and enough sexual tension to make you clutch your rosary beads: I don’t know the rules for retired popes and intimate relations—please, dear lord, nobody ask Pope Benedict XVI about his sex life—but I want the best for John and Sofia. It … But there is always time to change. He postponed a May 2020 visit to the island of Malta as a result of the pandemic, and a new date for the trip has not yet been released. A recap of ‘Seventh Episode,’ episode 7 of HBO’s The New Pope, Paulo Sorrentino’s sequel series to The Young Pope… The authoritative archbishop of New York, Cardinal John O’Connor, had warned John Paul not to promote McCarrick in an Oct. 28, 1999, letter he wrote shortly before he died. “I don’t understand, who is the pope now?” Cardinal Aguirre says after Pius XIII’s big speech to the College of Cardinals. But The Young Pope was stunning, thoughtful and dreamlike, and even though key players have been strategically shifted to dioceses around the globe, its … Don’t worry, Jude Law’s Pius XIII can still lay claim to the title of People’s Sexiest Pontiff Alive, but a challenger to the papacy has emerged in the form of John Malkovich. THE END OF THE WORLD will see 'life turn upside down' according to the Pope, who may just be the final part of the jigsaw if a bizarre 900-year-old prophecy is right. A holy war to come. He goes into the crowd, hugging and kissing strangers. Nurture, not nature, is destiny—but it can be tamed. At the end of episode nine, Lenny revealed his hidden talent: our boy is a writer. The caliph and all those ominous broadcasts were red herrings. Seen only from a distance -- perhaps via a stray meme or leaked set photos of a buff Jude Law walking through rows of volleyball-playing models in swimsuits -- Paolo Sorrentino's religious drama could be viewed as a exercise in cheeky provocation, like the prestige TV version of the famous Piss Christ photo. Let’s not forget, St. Peter’s Basilica was bombed by the Pius XIII cultists, an attack that we know damaged La Pieta. In the final credits of The New Pope, as we’re blessed with various send-offs to supporting characters like the refugee Faisal and formerly protesting Sister Lisette, we see Pius XIII walk back into his heavenly ocean. Tell me about The New Pope There are three things you need to know about this follow-up series going in. This plan dovetails nicely with Pius XIII’s address to the Cardinals about how they should lead the Church and inspire the masses. Created by Paolo Sorrentino. While it’s a shame that Esther’s story line went down this path, it also makes sense, considering her arc in The Young Pope revolved around being Pius XIII’s number one fan, willing to devote her entire life to his extreme ideology. Will Marilyn Manson return for Season 3? Was it wise to make John Paul III such a cypher for much of the season's run? After 10 episodes of amazing memes, kangaroo whispering and smiting evil nuns to death with prayer powers, The Young Pope has ended. best. Even when it was frustrating, The New Pope was a joy to pour over and dissect. The way the Church should lead, then, is with the “Middle Way,” the ideology espoused by John Paul III—which was actually something created by his brother Adam before his untimely death. Of those scenes, Lenny's address to the public, which includes an acknowledgement that "God has the answers," and his subsequent Christ-like crowd-surfing, has the most visual and thematic potency.