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PPC Campaign Management

A well-balanced SEO plan may eventually include some form of advertising. Usually when we think of advertising, thoughts of traditional advertising forms may immediately come to mind such as magazines, newspapers, television, and radio. While these forms of advertising may work well for websites that are owned by established brands, they are not quite as effective with relatively unknown online businesses. However, there is one form of online advertising that is both effective and popular - Google Adwords. 


What Is Adwords?


Adwords is a type of pay-per-click (PPC) method of advertising that is used primarily online and it can also expose your advertisement to millions of people around the world. You only pay for the ads each time they are clicked by the user.

The way that PPC works is that publishers (e.g. website owners) will allow small advertisements to display at certain locations on their websites. These ads may be contextual or graphic based and they are normally controlled via the Google Adwords website, which you may already be aware is free to sign-up.

However, simply because Adwords is a free sign-up, does not mean that just anyone can successfully run a PPC campaign. This is quite the contrary as there have been many cases of amateurs who thought there is nothing to Adwords who have thrown money away (some from clients) because they did not understand the technicalities of the process.

What Happens When a Professional Does a PPC Campaign?

When you hire True SEO to run your PPC campaign, we will conduct an analysis of the product`s page(s) that you want to promote. If there is any in-page SEO that is required, we can do it. We will also conduct thorough keyword research, which not only includes one-word keywords, but also keyword phrases otherwise known as long-tail keywords. We also do latent semantic indexing (LSI) research. 

Once we have done the research for your PPC campaign, it will be time to write your ads. Please do not let the tiny size of the Adwords ad deceive you. A True SEO professional has the expertise to include keywords and other emotional and psychological triggers that can elicit a prospective customer to click on your ad and visit the product page(s) that you want to promote. We also consider the demographics of your target audience when we setup your PPC campaign.

Your PPC campaign has many elements; and only a PPC professional is qualified to ensure its success.

True SEO also has the knowledge and experience to conduct what is called Split A/B testing of your ads. This is a method that allows us to run test ads in order to learn which ads, products, and product pages are the most effective. This testing makes the way for a successful PPC campaign and a greater ROI on your advertising spend.




You Want Positive Results



The results from a well-planned and executed PPC campaign can be tremendous. Yet, the benefits are only positive when the necessary background work is completed by a competent PPC professional such as those with True SEO.