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Your online presence is important, and only quality content can help you promote that presence. 

The search engines love written content. They love it so much that in early 2011, Google introduced an update to their algorithm to differentiate content that was useful from content that was not. This update led to some positive changes in how the industry approaches written content.

You want your message to be presented to your site`s visitors in an accurate and concise manner that will have them returning for more. You also want this content to be unique from other websites so you are not penalized for duplicate content. This is why True SEO only retains professional writers. Their skills are available to write to your site`s visitors, as well as any readers who may see those articles posted on article directories. 

Any article directories that we use must meet certain criteria before we will submit your articles to them. They must be well established and have an excellent reputation in the industry. They also cannot have been recently penalized by any of the search engines for unethical practices. This is the only way to be sure that your thoughts and ideas will be deemed as quality content and therefore receive the higher ranking that they deserve.

Any articles specifically written for submission to article directories will include a certain number of links to your site. While the number of links included is determined by the article directory`s policies as well as by sound SEO practices, each link provides important information to the search engines. For more information on True SEO`s backlink services, please visit our backlink page.

True SEO also provides additional writing services as well. For instance, do you have a blog that you lack the available time to maintain? Or perhaps your theme is somewhat beyond your level of expertise? Our writers can also write directly to your audience by posting articles to your blogs. They have the research skills and industry connections to write for most any topic that you require. True SEO`s writers can also include royalty-free images in your blog posts that can further impress your message upon your readers.

There are so many different aspects of owning and operating a website. True SEO is ready to help you succeed by providing your website, blog, or even your forum with the quality content you need to rank ever higher in the search engines.