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Somewhere on your way to becoming an authority site, you will entertain the concept of link building. What this simply means is that your website needs as many quality links pointing back to it as possible. When we say quality links, we only want backlinks from reputable sites, higher-ranking sites as well as from authority sites. Backlinks from these sites carry significantly more influence with the search engines than just any site. But if you do not have any backlinks, how are you to get them? For starters, you hire a company such as True SEO to do this for you. 

Placing backlinks is one of True SEO`s specialties and we have multiple methods to employ in order to do this. A few of the methods we use to get your site quality backlinks include

  • Submit articles that include links to article directories.
  • Post articles that include links as a guest blogger on certain blogging sites.
  • Post to relevant online forums and include a link in them.
  • Buy them from certain credible sites.
  • Many more.

If you wonder, why back linking is so important, please allow us to explain.

When you are selling a product, you want as many people talking about that product as possible. Of course, you want them to be saying positive things, so you want only people from respectable circles talking about it. The same can be said of building quality backlinks.

You want as many websites as possible linking to your website, but those websites must be respectable. Respectable links help you to build your site`s reputation. The more quality links to your site, the more weight the search engines give your site. Therefore, your site will rank higher on the search pages.

Backlinks are essentially promotional links on many websites. Hence, when their visitors see your link on any of these sites, they may click through to your site to see if you have what they seek. If you do, then you may have a regular customer. Even if you do not have what that visitor is searching for at the moment, they may revisit your site at another time or send a link to your site to someone they know.

During your backlink research, you may encounter the term "reciprocal backlinks." Although a small number of these are acceptable, you do not want to include too many of these as the search engines tend to give them less weight than the quality backlinks. In addition, some websites that require reciprocal backlinks may have a lower pagerank than yours. Those links also may not be relevant to your website`s content. This could actually decrease your website`s rank. True SEO recommends using these types of backlinks very sparingly, and only with relevant websites that are consistent with its overall theme.

Building quality backlinks is a critical part of any website`s SEO plan and True SEO can build your backlinks the proper way - with quality links from respectable and relevant websites.