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Your path to increasing your online presence begins by your completing the online form on the True SEO website. This form asks for some basic contact information as well as pertinent information about the website you want us to optimize. 

The Initial Contact

Soon after we receive your information, we will contact you to discuss how we may provide the best service to you and offer you a quote for us to do the work. During this discussion, we may further inquire into what goals you have for your website as well as the extent of the job you want us to do. We may also request a second discussion to be scheduled soon after we conduct our analysis of your website. This second discussion may lead to a variation of the original SEO request. Once you have accepted our quote and you authorize us to do the work, we will begin work immediately. 

The reason we begin work on your project so quickly is there is no time for us to spare. Business on the Internet moves quickly, and the sooner we can optimize your site, the sooner your site will begin to rise in the search engine`s indexes. This means more visibility to your potential customers, and a faster ROI for you. 

Depending on the extent of SEO services you require, the first step we take is to analyze your website. This analysis is extensive and once we have completed it we will have a better understanding of the steps we need to take to improve your site`s ranking. 

The Strategic Plan

Once we have a strategic plan for how to optimize your website, we will implement each step while consistently monitoring progress and making any adjustments as necessary. There is no aspect of this process that is beyond our attention as our reputation relies on the success of how well we optimize your website. 

The truth of the matter is that proper SEO is a long-term project. There are no shortcuts and there must be a continuous attention to the details that got your site to its highest rank. This is due to the search engine`s indexes are in a constant state of change and a website that is ranked number one today, may be on page two tomorrow simply because Google changed their algorithm again. Therefore, a corrective change may be in order to move your site back to its original position. 

These are additional reasons that proper SEO is not a job for amateurs. It requires someone who is dedicated to this profession full-time and is willing to continually update their knowledge and skills. 

This is why True SEO is the right choice to optimize your website, for this is our full-time profession. It is our full-time business.