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Local Maps

We understand it can be very easy to feel like your website is a small dot on a large Internet highway. Our professional SEO services have taken many websites and moved them higher in the search rankings. Yet, when you also have a local business, it may seem even harder for your local customers to find you. Yes, you can have your local business address, telephone number, and email address on your website; but you need to be sure your customers can find you. 

When we said that True SEO will show your customers where you are, we mean that quite literally. We do this by adding your business to the search engines` local pages. Perhaps you have heard of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. Once we add your business to each of these services, your customers will know exactly where to find your business so they can take advantage of your many products and / or services.

Your website visitors will not only have your business` address; they will also have directions on how to get there. This is especially beneficial to those customers who use their smart phones. These customers are normally on the move; and are looking for a particular product or service. They may even be just around the corner from you.

Smart phones have changed the way the modern consumer shops for goods and services. Most of these shoppers search for businesses based on advertisements that are served to them based on demographic data that is collected as they browse the Internet. When they browse for local companies that provide what they seek, your business is only a click away. This is possible when True SEO adds your business information to the online local directories.

Perhaps another advantage to having your local business easily located is in the way mobile shoppers use social media and text messaging. Many of these shoppers send messages to their friends and family members about products and bargains they find. This often happens in realtime, and being on the local map makes it even easier for those potential customers to find your business.

When True SEO adds your business to these directories, depending on the service, we can add up to five different categories that best describe your business. These categories give your customers another way to search for you by giving them more information about your business. This not only increases your business` visibility, it can also improve your ranking in the search pages.

It is your business; and it is True SEO`s job to put you on the local map.