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Video Design & Ads

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a movie must speak volumes. 

Since the introduction of television into our homes and offices in the early 1950s, people have been glued to their screens. Now, in the early 21st Century, people continue to be affixed to their televisions and monitors. In all television and video eras, businesses have targeted these viewers with ads that are demographically matched to the program`s audience.

Today`s number one news source is YouTube. This is also a widely accepted source for promotional material. Most companies maintain at least a small YouTube presence as a means of promoting their products. Some other companies are fully involved in providing not only promotional video content, but also include tutorials as well as a more social type of atmosphere. YouTube is actually a type of social media that many companies include as a part of their campaigns. While we are not necessarily here to promote YouTube, we are excited in the many new promotional opportunities that are available in video ads.

Videos are quickly becoming the Internet rage to promote your websites and products. They are also an amazing means to send messages. After all, some people like to read, while others like to watch you on video. You can also include links to videos in your email and social media campaigns. The potential is enormous and True SEO is on the leading edge to promote your website and products with video ads.

Producing a video ad is really not much different from the traditional ads, in that we must grasp the viewer`s attention. Once we have their attention, we must present the message so they will want to buy our products and services. Video ads have been proven just as effective as their TV counterparts have. Yet, there are a few differences, with perhaps one of the biggest being that nowadays people are more mobile.

Mobile computing is the future of the Internet. Although many of us will continue to use our desktops, many more of us are buying smart phones and tablets. These mobile devices allow us to be both productive and entertained no matter where we are. This is another major consideration for video advertising is they can play on many mobile devices. This reaches more prospective customers than the traditional television ads ever could.

Video ads are also a way for companies to reach out to their customers and not only advertise, but also to relate to them. True SEO knows how to promote your website and products with video ads. We can also embed a video on your website. This way your site`s visitors can watch a demo of a new or existing product, or hear whatever message you want to convey to them.

Another advantage to video ads is their cost. While there are some studio quality video ads, there are also video ads that are purposely simple. Regardless of your choice of video ads, they are also much more cost-effective than TV ads. This is primarily due to the larger audience for video ads.

The sky is the limit with video ads, and True SEO is ready to get you started.