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Website Design

Website design and development are two of the most important elements to your online presence. This is where such critical factors as color matching, clean code that is written according to the W3C web standards, and of course proper SEO. Each of these elements includes the goals you have for your website. They are also critical to your visitor`s overall experience. This is why it is so important for you to have a customized solution to your website. 

As you plan your website presence, you may notice there are many pre-made templates sold over the Internet. While there are many fine templates available, the primary problem with them is since they are pre-developed they do not take your needs into consideration. Only a customized web design can include your dreams, your vision, and your entrepreneurial spirit into your website.

During the first of our consultations, we will ask you about the goals you have for your website. We will also discuss your target audience, as well as your preferences in layout and color schemes. Speaking of color schemes, True Seo will combine your color preferences, with those color schemes that will have the most affect on your audience. They will complement your site and provide that certain appeal that will make your visitors want to come back for more. Some of the factors we consider with color include

  • Tone
  • Warmth
  • Are the colors natural; and are they widely accepted to the popular web browsers?
  • Do the colors complement each other?
  • Are the colors psychologically effective?

When True SEO develops your website, you can rest assured that all HTML code will be fully coded to comply with the accepted web standards, as well as to make it easy for the search engines to crawl your site. This makes it easier for your website to ascend in the search engine rankings. It also ensures there will be no issues with your site`s navigation and overall flow, and your visitors will see what you want them to see.

Since True SEO designs and develops any necessary SEO right into your site, you know your onsite SEO will be done correctly.

You may have seen images listed in the search pages. Some of them have text attached to them that describes the image. All of your images will have the necessary alt tags added to describe the image. Although the search engines do index your images, when True SEO adds text to them it enables people to read what those images involve. This not only improves the image`s indexing, but it also makes them more people friendly.

Regardless of whether you are a blogger who has a message to deliver to your audience, or if you have a multi-page ecommerce site with hundreds or even thousands of products, you want your website to reflect your vision. True SEO has the skills and the experience to make your vision a reality with a custom tailored website that we design according to your needs.